RAGBRAI Celebrates With a Bang

For those of us in Forest City who were awakened to the explosions of fireworks in town, there was a  reason. Back in April, the city allowed for a noise variance until 12:30am this morning. The city officials said that this would be a one time thing and that residents would understand with it being RAGBRAI.

Not many residents we talked to were complaining however. Most were out on their lawns and enjoying the pyrotechnics realizing that the celebrations were coming to an end. For some who may have missed the Puckerbrush display, it was a welcome sight.

Most campers in the Pammel Park area didn’t seem to mind either. They watched from their tents or in some cases mosquito netting as the fireworks went off literally above their heads.

This is the longest day for the RAGBRAI participants as they began their run from Emmetsburg and into Forest City which by some estimates was 85 miles. The riders appeared tired when they arrived and were glad to be greeted by friendly faces with hot showers and warm food. One rider said of the display, “It is a nice way to say, we’re halfway there.”