Forest City Council Allows RAGBRAI Party Noise Until Midnight

Tonight, it may be a little noisier than usual and it definitely will go on longer than everyone is accustomed to. The Forest City Council back in April, approved a noise variance for the RAGBRAI celebration until 12:30am tonight. The hope is to accommodate such activities as fireworks, live bands, and street celebrations that coincide with the stage shows. The council was unanimous in their decision to allow the variance saying that this was a one time thing and that everyone would understand with it being RAGBRAI.

A few in the audience didn’t seem to think so at the city council meeting in April, but they were in the obvious minority in the crowd who are welcoming the RAGBRAI event openly. “This also has to do with how it will benefit the community.” stated one observer, “The kind of money it will bring into the area is certainly worth moving the variance from 10pm to 12:30am.”

RAGBRAI officials were not clear as to if the bands were to play up until the 12:30am hour. The whole idea, according to some officials, was to make time in case bands ran long. Originally, the music from the live performances was to stop at midnight, but concerts, according to some councilmembers, will run long. So the council went ahead and moved the variance back to 12:30am.

Law enforcement said they would be strict in adhering to the policy because there are residents who have to get up in the morning.