Representative King Talks With KIOW: Part Two – Minimum Wage and Education (Audio)

There are those in the American public who cannot find work above the minimum wage standard. We as Americans associate the wage as a teenagers wage, but rarely think of it as a living wage. However, there are those here in Forest City and surrounding towns whose income to support their children and families is at the minimum standard.

There is a movement afoot in Congress to get the minimum wage to be higher. This is so that those employees can provide more food, pay more bills, and live a little better. If you were to talk to business owners, they will say that this will mean elimination of jobs in their company. So what is one to do?

Education could be the solution, but often students who are attending college for the first time are far behind the college level standards of education. Some in Congress want an education standard or common core throughout the United States, thereby taking away the power of local school boards to govern their districts and making getting an education tougher for students.

KIOW’s News Director A. J. Taylor sat down with Representative Steve King and discussed where things stand with this highly controversial problem.