Representative King Talks With KIOW: Part Three – Farming and Immigration (Audio)

King 6

Farmers in the area have discovered that there are places on their farmland that still remain as oversized ponds from earlier spring rains. While most farmers have insurance to cover damaged crop land that in some cases remains underwater even today, there are those who need additional funding resources to overcome the problems generated by these natural disasters.

Along with this is a disaster of another sort which is immigration. Many who enter the country illegally take jobs and opportunities away from the American citizen, even the minimum wage positions. There have been documented reports of illegals gaining access to Social Security and Medicare benefits. The issue has for many in Washington, Des Moines, and other government offices become a serious problem. Now with children being dumped at the border, the issue becomes even more complex.

KIOW’s News Director A. J. Taylor sat down with¬†Congressman Steve King on these pressing problems that now even have both sides of the¬†aisle concerned that it could become uncontrollable.