Premier Exhibitor Results Announced

The Premier Exhibitor is a 4-H competition in which members earn points for the following:
 Exhibiting projects in different 4-H areas
 Participating in clean-up day at the fair
 Giving their time to work at different 4-H activities during the fair

Points are calculated throughout the week. Premier Exhibitors are announced on Saturday at the 4-H Awards Show. The 4-H Premier Exhibitor Results were tallied on Saturday, July 12 at the North Iowa
Fairgrounds. The overall results are listed below: Name, club, hometown. 12.)

Jr. Premiere Exhibitor: Britta Elsbernd, Cerro Gordo Explorers, Mason City
Jr. Reserve Premiere Exhibitor: Nick Dyre, Ventura Hustlers, Ventura
Int. Premiere Exhibitor: Nathan Elsbernd, Cerro Gordo Explorers, Mason City
Int. Reserve Premiere Exhibitor: Breanna Fairbanks, Grimes VIP, Thornton
Sr. Premiere Exhibitor: Shana Wood, Bits & Spurs, Rockford
Sr. Reserve Premiere Exhibitor: Morgan Sliger, Portland Community Springers, Nora Springs