Despite Recent Events, Kids Are Still Getting Left in Hot Cars (Audio)

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, but it happens every summer: kids suffer heatstroke and in some cases die after being left in hot cars. Registered nurse Phyllis Larimore says kids left in cars can suffer fatal hyperthermia in just minutes, even when the outside temperature is mild. She says a change in routine is often behind these tragedies.

According to ‘’, nearly 400 children in America have died in hot cars in the last decade, an average of some 38 deaths per year. The summer heat and humidity can also spell trouble for kids who spend time outdoors, as a child’s body heats up much faster than an adult’s. Dr. Eric Kirkendall says that makes them more susceptible to heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heatstroke.

Kirkendall says to protect against heat related illnesses, parents need to make sure that their children stay hydrated and that their exposure to the sun is limited.