Power Lines to Be Buried in Forest City (Audio)

The City Council of Forest City has approved a $690,000 project to bury power lines near the power station. Forest City Electric Department Manager Duane Kuhn told KIOW News why the project had to be approved:

Kuhn stated that two bids were received for this project, with the engineers recommending the low bid from MP Nexlevel LLC of Maple Lake, Minnesota, in the amount of $691,207.71. The engineers’ estimate for actual work was $640,700, and bids came in at 3-6% over engineer’s estimate. Kuhn noted, however, that inventory was included that will not be used for this project.

Once the project is underway, homes will be connected to the underground lines. Homeowners who will be affected by the transition will not have to put out any expenses. According to Kuhn, the city will assume all expenses in the conversion. The only thing that affected customers may have to put up with is a brief power outage while everything is hooked up to the buried lines.

MP Nexlevel will handle the conversion and burying of the lines. Kuhn hopes to get the rest of the city eventually with underground lines as well.