Hancock County Board to DIscuss Fireworks for the Fair

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet today to  consider a fireworks display application for Dwight Doughan of Britt. This is in in combination with the Hancock County Fair. Then the board will consider an appointment to the Board of Adjustment and talk about appointments that are filling vacancies to the Board of Adjustment.

The board will then hear quarterly reports for Hancock County Auditor, Sheriff, and Recorder. Each department is required to report to the board on the business of their respective departments.

Pat Gorman, of Hancock County Maintenance will review sidewalk and water softener quotes with the board. The board is expected to take action on these quotes.

The board will also consider two 5 day class B beer permits. One is for the Hancock County Agricultural Society’s Ag Museum Tent Fenced Area with outdoor service and Sunday sales while the other5 day class B beer permit is for the Hancock County Agricultural Society’s Show Ring Area with outdoor service

At 9:00 a.m. Cindy Schleusner will discuss the latest in drainage issues regarding the county and Bill Waddingham, Engineer will work with the board to process final estimate for culvert project BROS-CO41(97)–8J-41 between section 20 & 29, Ell Twp., and the respective fence removal notice.

The meeting will take place at 8am today.