Britt City Council to Meet Over Code of Ordinances

The Britt City Council will meet today to hear reports from department heads such as the Mayor, City Clerk, Zoning Administrator, Public Works Director, Police Chief, Librarian, Fire Chief. These reports will cover various topics related to the respective departments.

 The council will then open a Public hearing on the proposal to adopt the Britt Code of Ordinances 2014. These are a set of ordinances that have been proposed and discussed by the council and its committees prior to tonight’s meeting. The council will hear public comment on the codes from residents of Britt. The mayor retains the right to limit the amount of time per speaker and can dismiss the speaker at any time. By city charter, the council must hold these forums as a means of final comment by the public before the codes are adopted. After the forum is closed, the council can move to adopt the resolution on the Britt Municipal Code of ordinances.

  The old Britt bank facility will once again be a subject of conversation as  former Britt mayor and Britt bank building advocate Jim Nelson will give a building update and make a request for funding to the city council. The council has been divided as of late as to whether the building should be demolished or remodeled. Many on the council want to see city tax dollars generated from tenants occupying the facility. They argue that tearing down the structure would be lost money in both potential tax dollars and the cost of razing the building. The matter has been tabled several times as the council waits to see if someone will buy the bank building or put up funding to remodel it.

 After Pat Byers proposes a street closing for Armstrong House activities, the council will wrangle with several policies and ordinances having to do with city improvements which the city can do because of funding the Community Development (CDBG) Block Grant. The council will look to adopt a Temporary Relocation Policy, an equal opportunity policy, an Anti Displacement and Relocation assistance plan, an affirmative fair housing policy a code of conduct, a procurement policy, and prohibition of excessive force policy for the CDBG Block Grant

 Pertaining to all of this will be a first reading of Ordinance 469 which is an ordinance amending the code of the City of Britt pertaining to public morals. The council may waive the remaining 2nd and 3rd readings and move to adopt it. This will lead to the reading of Ordinance 470 which is an Ordinance amending the code of the City of Britt by adding a section pertaining to public morals. Like the first one, the city may dispense with the formality of reading it a second and third time and move to adopt the ordinance.

 The council will then open sealed bids for truck sale and seeding bid for property at 735 3rd Street SW. They will also look to approve liquor license for Red Rooster and Britt Hobo Day Association and hear from the Parks & Recreation Board regarding Little league diamonds and the painting of pool.

The council will meet at 7pm in the city council chambers.