Worth County Board to Review Drainage Projects

The Worth County Board will meet to discuss  with the County Engineer all general matters and road maintenance on several gravel roads that saw damage during recent downpours and storms. Worth County has been busy hauling rock from quarries to patch and fill several gravel roads and to repave some too. Grading work has also been done especially after the most recent storms.

 Drainage issues will be the major topic of discussion by the board as they will look at jobs that have been completed such as in Drainage District 11 done by Rogness Bros. Excavating. The board will set a Completion Hearing Date to close the project. The board will also look at repairs in progress such as I Drainage District 8 and an engineers report on Drainage District 23 on what needs to be done.

The board will also review pending issues with Drainage Districts 5, 7, 21, and 46 L-7. They will also explore new petitions for repairs to Drainage Districts 18 and 72.  These are locations which are seeing clogged intakes and poor drainage culverts.

The board will also hear reports from two organizations, WINN-WORTH BETCO who will be represented by Teresa Nicholson and from Terry Lutz, Gary Brons, or Mike Trotter from McClure Engineering Company regarding the Waste Water/Water Treatment Facility

 The board will also review a payroll change and approve the  Fiscal Year 2014-15 salaries for county employees.

The Board will meet at the Worth County Courthouse beginning at 9am on Monday.