Waldorf College 2013 graduate placement report released

Waldorf College saw a 93% placement rate for their 2013 online and residential graduates.  This information is gathered through surveys and research conducted by the Waldorf College Career Center.

Waldorf has a long history of excellent placement rates. This statistic includes graduates who are continuing their education (i.e. graduate school), students who are participating in national and military service, and students who have obtained permanent or long-term temporary positions that match their career interests within seven months of graduation. “Waldorf’s job placement has always been strong,” Waldorf College President Bob Alsop said. “Employers appreciate the fact that our students have strong communications and critical thinking skills, depth of knowledge in their major, and a component of applied learning.”

Twenty-four of the students who responded to the survey were accepted into graduate school after graduation from Waldorf College. There were several academic programs that achieved a 100% placement rate, including Criminal Justice Administration, Education (Elementary and Secondary), Fire Science Administration, Music, Organizational Leadership, Theatre Arts, and Wellness.

“Because our students have so many opportunities to be involved and be leaders, Waldorf students develop a great work ethic and practice self motivation,” President Alsop said. “These attributes are some of the qualities employers and higher education organizations consider desirable in the selection process.”