Klemme Deals with Flooded Areas (Audio)

Thunderstorms have left destruction in several areas around the Forest City area. Rivers are almost out of their banks as are creeks and farmland is facing serious ponding issues. Some of the drainage districts which were in need of cleaning or repair are also backed up.

In Klemme, the town is supposed to be celebrating its quasquicentennial this weekend. Residents are now in the process of bailing out their basements and other areas as water is seeping up from the sewer lines.

Flooded basements 2

Area Disaster Relief Coordinator Andy Buffington says that many houses and businesses are effected:

Buffington told KIOW News that the water continues to rise and help is needed immediately.

Water is being pumped out into the storm drains where it will move away from the affected area. Officials say that there should be no delay to the start of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the town today. That celebration is slated to begin at 4:45pm with an opening ceremony at the city hall.