Storm Damage Blocks Traffic and Creates Significant Yard Waste

Forecasters were looking for strong storms to move through the area on Monday Night. What they predicted was exactly what occurred. At the KIOW studios, winds were clocked in excess of 55 miles per hour. News Director A. J. Taylor, who was returning from a cancelled baseball game in Lake Mills reported live on KIOW from Lake Mills, Leland, Thompson, and Forest City. He measured the sustained winds between 42 and 57 miles per hour. Straight line rain and winds blew through the area while heavy rain was so strong that cars on 9 Highway and also on 69 Highway drove onto the shoulder and waited out the fury.

In Forest City, storm damage was limited to issues with a loose cable on a telephone pole by the Casey’s on J Street and 69 Highway to debris blown into yards and parking lots, to tree limbs snapped effortlessly by the storm. City officials sprung into action bringing out heavy equipment to move the large tree limbs that blocked 11th Street North, on north 1oth street, and west M Street where tree limbs had broken off and were blocking the road from north 12th all the way to 6th street.


West J Street littered with debris and trees during the storm.
West J Street littered with debris and trees during the storm.

Officials told KIOW News that if the debris came from a city tree, the city would take care of the issue. However, if it came from a residential tree, the responsible resident would have to remove and haul the tree to a recycling center.

Other damage saw the Welcome to Forest City signage on the north side of town off 69 Highway and 9 Highway bent backwards and supported by the shrubbery behind it.

Leaves and other debris continue to litter the roadways in many locations as city officials wait for things to dry out in order to mop up, but the forecast is calling for thunderstorms to return beginning around 3:30pm and lasting through the evening. Forecasters are ruling out that they will be as severe as the storms that rolled through on Monday night.