Popular Waldorf Piano Camp Scheduled for July (Audio)

They have become extremely popular amongst area piano teachers and students and once again, Waldorf College is hosting two piano camps on July 20-23 and 24-27. These are for those who are learning the piano or want to learn about it. They are set up for two different age groups. The first camp running from July 20-23 and is structured for middle school aged children. The second is for high school aged children and runs from July 24-27th.

The host of the camp is a pianist who has performed internationally, is now an author, and is an associate professor of music at Waldorf College. She is Dr. Kristin Jonina Taylor (pictured above) and she carefully plans the camps each year to make room for lots of activities to engage the students. She will have some very prestigious help in the form of pianists Rebecca Davis, Melissa Knudtson, and Glen Wegge, each who are accomplished in their own right.


KIOW News sat down with Dr. Taylor to talk about the camps and what the attendees can expect. The focus on the camps are going to be on two great classical composers, Jean Phillipe Rameau and C. P. E. Bach.

Most children these days are into the popular singers and composers of this magnitude may not be of a great interest to them. Yet, in truth, these composers laid the ground work for the music we hear today. So we asked Dr. Taylor why she selected them:

Bach and Rameau were rebels in their day and they changed the course of classical music as we know it today. The fundamentals they provided for future generations was profound because of the way they composed, performed and taught how the keyboards were to be played.


We asked Dr. Taylor that considering these are middle school and high school aged children, how would the camp approach the instructional side of the legacy of the two composers.

Registration for the camps ends July 1st and information on how to enroll can be found by going to www.waldorf.edu/pianocamp or emailing Dr. Taylor directly at taylork@waldorf.edu. There are certain parameters to getting involved as Dr. Taylor explains: