Hancock County Supervisors to Consider Drainage Issues

The Hancock County Supervisors will meet Monday at 9am to consider a data usage agreement with Tyler Technologies. The agreement s one of many for the county to review this year. This will be followed by Tim Tusha, the newly appointed representative of the Iowa Governmental Health Care Program, who will discuss with the board the employee benefit enhancements through Farm Bureau Insurance.

Jennifer Andrade will review with the board the Iowa Workforce Program which certifies employees for the work they are capable of doing. According to the program officials, much of the reason why people cannot get jobs is because they lack the certification to prove they can do the job. The Iowa Workforce Development Program and its certification program, hope to alleviate that issue by certifying e current and potential employees.

The board will discuss a number of drainage issues throughout the county that are in need of repair or cleaning. Some locations currently have bid that have been accepted while still others are waiting for a bid. The board will hear how repairs to certain locations are shaping up and what additional resources might be needed.

The board will close the meeting be certifying election results from last Tuesday.