Getting Around at Tree Town Festival (Audio)

The inaugural Tree Town Festival will have all the makings of a major event in Forest City, basically because it is. It will be complete with bounce houses, beer gardens, and other attractions that make for a full family day and night. The evening skies will fill with fireworks and celebrations as Forest City becomes a major concert venue in its long history and growth.

Pictured above will be the campgrounds where people will be able to stay overnight and attend all of the events and concerts during the festival. There are several sites and roads to them will be very accessible. We asked Forest City Police Chief Dan Davis if there will be any changes to the traffic patterns close to the city:

Security will be beefed up both on site and in town to assist the promoters of the concert. So far, officials say a private security team of over thirty officers will be brought in to the venue and area cities will contribute over 20 more just to be sure. The twenty from local cities won’t all be on the grounds. They may be patrolling the city or around the Heritage Park of North Iowa where the festival will take place.