Waldorf Choir Sings for Archbishop (Audio and Video)

The Waldorf Choir was in Philadelphia while they were on their summer tour this week and taking a bathroom break when they were in for quite a surprise. The group were headed to see the Liberty Bell.

Archb 1

Dr. Adam Luebke, Choral Director said it couldn’t have been more of a coincidence to have been there right then:

Haley Ruben of the choir gave us her take on the event:

The impromptu performance featured the song “Ubi Caritas” and was videoed with the link you can cut and paste to your address bar:


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett were present as well and were equally impressed. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia congratulated the choir with high fives and hand shakes. The dignitaries were in Philadelphia planning for next years World Meeting of Families. It is expected that Pope Francis will attend the meeting and possibly hold a mass in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Archb 3

Sam Morrison of the choir was very honored to have done the impromptu concert:

Just a couple of days before this spontaneous concert, the choir had been in the National Cathedral in Washington D. C.. Britt Banks, a choir member said, “We sang the choral prelude concert to their Evensong service at the National Cathedral, but I think this may just top it.”