Winnebago Supervisors Meet to Talk HIPAA (Audio)

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday regarding discussion on the formation of a HIPAA committee within the county. This committee will see to the privacy of health information of county employees. The committee will be made up of Jayne Shaffer, Public Health; Sandy Mireles, Social Services; Adam Sauer, County Attorney; Eric Guth, IT Director; and Kris Wempen, Finance Deputy.  The committee will ensure each employee is trained on HIPAA policies and procedures annually.

Scott Meinders, County Engineer discussed secondary road matters including the pup trailer, road blading, tile work, the purchase of an excavator, project planning for summer work, FEMA work and the new sign at the Thompson shop.

Meinders also discussed a Federal Aid Agreement with the Iowa DOT  for Highway Safety Improvement Program project. The program is federally funded and will amount to $205,000 of federal funds which will help in milling the center and sides of the road for painting purposes. Meinders explained To KIOW News what the process entails:



Milling the roads becomes important because the county doesn’t want to have to continually go back and repaint every year. Meinders says that there is a simple way to prevent that from happening:



That project is expected to get underway this summer