Winnebago County Conservation Board to Meet This Morning (Audio)

In a much anticipated meeting this morning, the Winnebago County Conservation Board will address a number of pressing issues. The first will be to discuss purchasing property in the Lincoln Township for use by the board at a later date. The board is reviewing the need for the land and will determine if the purchase will be done.

Then the board will talk over installing a gate at the entrance of the Nieman Wildlife Area. Conservation Board Executive Director Robert Schwartz explains:

The board is looking to try and alleviate the problem so that farmland will not be continually destroyed. Alongside the issue is the need for the county to erect a boundary fence in Thorpe Park. Already, some fencing has been installed and the conservation board wants to complete that fencing for protection purposes. The measure to erect a fence is expected to be approved as is the gate issue.

The county will also look into quotes for a new mower and approve a work study agreement with Waldorf College.