Hancock County Board Once Again Addresses Health Care Provider Issue

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet tonight to go over with Linda Webner an EMS grant application for the Hancock County Emergency Management Service Association. The county is applying for a grant to help fund the department. This will be followed by Cindy Schleusner who will talk about drainage levies. Andy Waddington will present a resolution asking for road closures on 180th Street between Taft and Vail Avenue  for repairs. Waddington will also discuss secondary road ditch cleanouts where brush and grass have clogged drainage ditches.

The board will then turn their attention to an issue that has been before the board in the last three meetings. The board is very reluctant to sign with an insurance provider who allegedly added fees on top of regular premiums. The practice is illegal and is being reviewed by the state insurance board. The board will be addressing whether they want to enter into another contract with the Iowa Governmental Health Care Plan Group or look for another outlet to work with.

Around 9:30am, the board will join in a teleconference call with the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors concerning a Joint Drainage District #25-27. The countie will enter into a contract with the Holland Contracting Corporation to have the drainage area repaired.

The meeting will being today at 8am in the Supervisors Meeting Room.