Forest City Moves Forward on EMT Pay Changes (Audio)

The Forest City Council is wrangling with an issue regarding pay for part-time paramedics. Currently the city employs up to four paramedics who work long shifts and are on call during that time. Councilmember Suzanne Murphy addressed the council on the issue:

The council had a subcommittee look into the matter and report back to the city on what measures could be taken and what would be the most effective way to handle the workload for the paramedic team.

The city has initially agreed to increase the pay of paramedics to $15 an hour for a 24 hour shift or a total of $360 for the day. The same would apply to PRN paramedics for the area.

Currently, paramedics in Forest City are earning a $14.75 an hour for a 24 hour shift and PRN’s would fill in for an 8 hour shift.

The Forest City Ambulance Service has proposed to take over paying for the PRN services which would amount to $26,970 annually along with other monetary incentives. The city and the Ambulatory Service would enter into a five year contract once it is drawn up. It will have to go through the Finance Committee before it will be finally voted on.

The council credited Murphy for the hard work on getting the proposal done for the city to approve.