Storm Possibilities on the Increase in the Area

Thanks to daytime heating and subsequent convection of water on the ground into the atmosphere, the area could in for another round of severe thunderstorms tonight. Currently the weather service says that there is a moderate risk of severe thunderstorms and that a severe weather outbreak including the potential for very large hail and damaging winds is possible.

The weather service says that since last night when the chance of heavy thunderstorms first came about, there have been a couple of changes. The first is that the storms themselves will probably form in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa. These will track eastward into the north central and eastern parts of Iowa. The diagram below points out that the Forest City area is in the moderate risk area, while areas to the south are in the slight risk area for heavy storms.


The risk of overnight storms remains as many of these western forming storms may track into the area around that time. It is expected that the storms will actually be “training” or one following the other through the night.

The forecast for the area calls for a 100% chance of showers and thunderstorms and some may be severe with heavy rain. The low tonight will be near 59. Winds will be out of the southeast at 14-18 miles per hour. The showers and thunderstorms will continue up to 3pm on Monday. Then it will turn mostly cloudy with the high near 67 and south winds between 9 and 15 miles per hour. Rain possibilities remain at 30% for tomorrow evening as the system clears bringing cooler temperatures for the next few days.

KIOW will be keeping a close eye on the weather overnight, then Mark Skaar and Glenn Kiss will have the complete weather outlook on the Morning Stretch beginning at 5am.