Belmond Waiting on Bids for Water Mains

Even though the frost line has virtually disappeared, the amount of water still running through the lines in Belmond is dangerously high. Officials with the city are speculating that winter tap lines ahead of the meters are still running and they need to be shut off. According to officials, the city is still pumping nearly 100,000 gallons of water per day which is well above average and the end seems nowhere in sight. Water mains are running at or near capacity and the city needs to try and slow the flow down. So they are asking residents to shut off any water that they are running to prevent freezing. The issue, they say has passed and residents can turn off the water.

For many in the city government, this is also causing an undue strain on the sewer system. Pumps there are running at near capacity, especially after a rain storm hits the area. This is leading to speculation that sump pumps are feeding into the sewer lines causing the excess  in the sewer lines. Mark Dirks, who is the Belmond Public Works Director, made the comment at a council meeting that the city  may have to start inspecting basements.

Meanwhile no one has stepped forward with a bid to try and repair or replace the mains that suffered breaks or leakage over the winter. Some are saying that the reason the city has not seen a bid may have to do with the turnaround time of three weeks to get the job done. they feel that the time may be too short to get the needed repair work done.

City Administrator Lee Ann Waltzing told the council that the city spent $23,000 on repairs to the lines over the winter, but that the permanent repairs would cost the city nearly $130,000 to fix.