Worth County Board to Discuss Bond Purchasing

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will open their weekly meeting today with a discussion on county road maintenance with the county engineer. Discussion will center on secondary roads and gravel overlays and grading of the roads which have soften up due to the rains from last week. They will also confer on the proposed Croell Plant site. Then discussion will turn towards drainage issues including a report engineer Jon Rosengren who will review the situation with the drainage districts 8 and 23 and needed repairs and cleaning to be done there. The drainage district 21 will also be addressed.

Darin Dahlby will come forward with a request to cleaning part of the drainage district 3 in the Kensett Township. The board will consider all of the measures and possibly approve the Federal Emergency Management Agencies 2013 District Repairs measure regarding all of the locations.

The Supervisors will also discuss a resolution approving a bond purchasing agreement which effectively refinances 2009 general obligation bonds. The board will either approve the resolution #05.05.2014 or send it back for further review.

After hearing and possibly approving the audit for fiscal year 2013 of the North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services Agreement, the board will move forward on the another resolution for the destruction of noxious weeds in the 2014 crop year. The measure needs to be addressed before spraying in various areas can begin.

The supervisors will hold their meeting in the Worth County Courthouse beginning at 9am today.