Radon Found in Winnebago Public Health Building (Audio)

As we reported two weeks ago, the Winnebago County Public Health Department conducted radon testing in their facility and determined that the level of radon gas in the building was the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes a day. The director Jayne Schaffer, brought her concerns before the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors. They called for a second test of the facility to make sure that the results were not a spike in the levels.

We asked Schafer, what the second Radon test revealed:



Radon gas is the by-product of decaying uranium below the surface of the ground and has been tied to the development of lung cancer in many patients who do not smoke. Ironically, uranium deposits are very rich in the area and testing has proven out that radon levels are in some cases, higher than normal than in other parts of the country.

Radon test kits are available through the county for $5 and take about 48 hours to complete. Testing results are free for those who buy the kits.


The radon can be contained by installing a piece of equipment in the home or business that vacuums out the gas emanating from the basement floor and cracks in the foundation.