HMR Supplies Announces $1,000 Scholarship for Forest City High Seniors (Audio)

One of this year’s Forest City High School seniors will begin his or her studies in the fall supported by a $1,000 scholarship from HMR Supplies. This annually funded scholarship is for a student who plans to study skilled trades at NIACC. The scholarship, managed by the Forest City Education Foundation, will be awarded for the first time on FCHS Senior Awards Night, Wednesday, May 14.

Norma Hertzer of HMR explained that the program is to increase awareness about industrial trades and to get high school seniors involved in the field. HMR is looking to increase the employment field in the area and started funding the program this year:


“We recognize the increasing demand for skilled trade workers,” said Chris Holland, president of HMR Supplies, who hopes the financial assistance will encourage students to pursue a trade profession. “Supporting the higher education goals of our local graduates this way will directly impact their future employment opportunities in the manufacturing industry.”

Natalie Hammer, vice president at HMR Supplies, said there are critical skills gaps challenging manufacturers today. “We hope this scholarship to NIACC will help students gain the skills needed for a successful start and then launch them into one of the types of trade careers we employ.”

HMR Supplies

HMR Supplies designs and manufactures heavy transport dollies and equipment for a variety of industries including wind, oil and gas, and marine. The company, which specializes in designing products able to move items that cannot be moved by conventional means, began in 1981 manufacturing the Holland Dollie. Today it designs or rents out products for a variety of heavy equipment industries including transport, structural moving, heavy hauling, large construction, large product, oil field, cement, marine, and wind.

HMR Supplies is one of three sister companies under Holland Companies: Atlas Enterprises, providing structural lifting and moving services (formally known as Ron Holland House Moving); CR Holland Crane Company, providing crane rental services; and HMR Supplies, providing design and manufacturing of moving and hauling equipment. The Holland Companies employ over 30 people as engineers, welders, crane operators, mechanics, CDL drivers, and fabrication specialists.

The scholarship will be open for application again sometime this fall.