SPECIAL REPORT: What We Really Don’t Know About the Area Job Market (Audio)

The Winnebago-Worth Counties Betterment Council has concluded a series of confidential household telephone surveys this week that were aimed at examining the labor force in both counties. The study is attempting to assist existing and potential businesses to have a complete understanding of the make-up of the area’s labor force.

Teresa Nicholson of WINN-WORTH BETCO explains:

The phone surveys were anonymous and asked about current employment status, current and desired wages, educational levels, desired and current benefits, and types of occupations currently held. Things that were not asked were age, names, or other personal information so as to keep the surveys confidential.

They will now compile the information gathered and present their findings to the Winnebago-Worth Counties Betterment Council at a later date.

We asked Nicholson if students in high school can use the information gathered to get a good look at the newest and hottest trends in the job market are:

The study is done once every two years to give the area employers a good look at current trends and what to expect from the job market in the future. Interestingly, many college advisors and high school counselors look at the data too, to better sere their students.


Another purpose of the survey to create a guide for kids graduating out of high school so that they can see what the employment future looks like, and then plan accordingly:

Overall there seems to be some confusion about what jobs are available in the immediate nine county area. Ironically for many high school students and for those looking for work in the area, they are in for a surprise: