Winnebago County Audit Released

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors recently authorized Gardiner Thomsen P. C. to conduct an audit on the county as is required by law. The firm released its findings and in them, they found that the county had a local tax revenue of $15,486,051 for the fiscal year 2012-13 which ended June 30, 2013. The revenue base was derived from $766,744 in tax credits from the state of Iowa. The county then forwarded $11,520,633 of the local tax revenue to townships, school districts, cities, and other taxing bodies in Winnebago County.

The county retained $4,443,606 of the local tax revenue toward financing county operations. This was a 1% decrease from the prior year. Other revenues included charges for service which totaled $1,600,090, operating grants contributions, and restricted interest amounts of $2,516,319, capital grants, contributions, and restricted interest of $354,277, local option sales tax of $398,905, tax increment financing of $912,697, unrestricted investment earnings of $99,753 and other general revenues of $65,346.

County expenses totaled $11,607, 223 which was a 5% decrease from the previous fiscal year of 2012-13. The county paid out $4,751,097 for roads and transportation, $1,527,611 for public safety and legal services, and $1,113,981 for physical health and social services.