Issues Still Plague Emergency Services Center Plans in Forest City

The new Emergency Services Center in Forest City has some lingering problems that Mason City architects have discovered and now compensated for. A soil borings survey done recently has revelaed that there is more sand dredged up naturally from the Winnebago River than originally thought.

The result is that Skott and Anderson Architects of Mason City want to move the bulding so that it does not sit directly on the sand. This would mean a shift to facing the front of the building to J street instead of onto 69 Highway. Unfortunately, this means that a new access road will have to be built to accommodate the building and the driveway to it.

The cost of the project stays at $2.66 million, which is what all sides wanted. Because of cost overruns and funding shortages, the building had to be modified down to one level. In the new plans, the one level structure remains.

The Forest City Council will vote on the new plans then immediately move to accept bids which would be due by May 22nd. The hope is that construction can begin sometime this summer or fall.