Winnebago County Board Facing Radon and Deposit Issues

The Winnebago County Board of supervisors met yesterday in the Winnebago County Courthouse to discuss the approval of semi-monthly county claims and to hear the County Auditors Report from Elizabeth Thyer and Gerdiner Thomsen. During the report, they learned that the audit found nothing out of the ordinary except for monies that were not being turned in on atimely basis by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office. The auditor wanted to see the department follow state guidelines on deposits to the county.

They also heard about the results of radon tests from Public Health Coordinator Jayne Schaffer. It was learned that the Public Health Office was itself far above the limit for radon emissions. Schaffer explained that recent testing revealed the facility was exposing its workers to levels similar to smoking 10 cigarettes a day. The test result was disputed other officials who said that the results could have been a “blip or spike” in the levels that coincided with the test. They also asked that longer term tests be performed to, as one official said, “…would give a more accurate account of the radon level.”

The board also reviewed and approved the audit for fiscal year 2013 of the Central Iowa Detention Center. The focus then turned to the Public Safety Center. A question was brought up as to what the daily operating costs would be and the cost of transferring some of the inmates. The board will review those costs and discuss them at a future date.  Voters decided against the original project earlier this year.

There was also discussion by County Engineer Scott Meinders concerning the cleaning out of Drainage Ditch 35-89 and also about secondary road matters such as grating of some of the roads and rock laying in others. The Drainage Ditch would have to be bid out by one of the approved contractors for the county and discussed with the landowner over.