Winnebago County Supervisors Hear Gun Control Message

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors heard from County Attorney Adam Sauer on Tuesday regarding his thoughts on keeping guns out of the courthouse. Sauer referred to an incident at the Madison County Courthouse where a convicted man produced a weapon in the courtroom and fled. He was later found.

The Supervisors heard from Sauer that no gun prevention legislation has ever been passed by the Winnebago County Board, but that one may soon be needed. The county heard that the initial move might be to enact an ordinance that prohibits weaponry on the courthouse grounds. This would be enforced with signs alerting people entering the courthouse of the possible offense if they are found carrying a weapon on their person. The result would be a misdemeanor. Sauer said this would be a good first step:

The Supervisors took the matter into consideration for possible follow up at a later board meeting. They want Sauer to look into what other area county governments are doing about guns on courthouse grounds and if the efforts are productive.