Northwood City Council to Meet Tonight

The Northwood City Council will met tonight at the Northwood City Hall beginning at 6pm to discuss a number of issues before the city. The first will be to look into making the Deputy City Clerk position into a full time job. Currently Cindy Borcherding holds the position.

The council will also take up the discussion on meeting times for the council. Currently the council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. The proposal before the council is to move the meeting dates to the second and fourth Mondays.

The major issue on the table  will be to look at a housing buyout program which involves buying uninhabitable homes, tearing them down and removing the foundations to make the land ready for construction of new homes. The city will either offer the lots at a nominal price, receive housing assistance, or be eligible for a tax abatement. The council will set stipulations on each of these areas including refunds on lots, contractor regulations, and what types of homes, pre-fab, trailer, or ground up homes could be constructed on the sites.