Belmond Water Woes Continue (Audio)


The City of Belmond is asking its residents to curb running their water to avoid freezing lines. Three water main breaks over the weekend have caused the city to ask their citizens to shut off running faucets.

Belmond City Manager Lee Ann Waltzing explains:

The water treatment plant has the capacity to produce 1200 gallons per minute, but it can barely keep up. Compounding the problem is the fact that equipment failures at the plant have caused the production of unsoftened water. Repair work on that is in progress. The broken water lines are either getting worked on also or will be started on shortly according to Waltzing.

The city is warning residents that some areas will be without water during the repairs. Those that are can bring water jugs and thermos containers to city hall to get drinking water.

Once the work is completed, the city will give the go ahead for people to test the temperature in the water to see if it needs to be run at a trickle.