Hancock County Health System Foundation Expands Board Membership

Hancock County Health System (HCHS) Foundation welcomes Christie Hobscheidt and Jennifer Rosenmeyer, DNP-ARNP, to its Board of Directors. The nine member board represents communities across Hancock County.
Hobschiedt is the Business Manager at Pritchard’s Auto Co. and lives in Corwith with her husband, Matt and daughter, Claire. She grew up in Britt and appreciates having quality healthcare services so close to friends and family. Rosenmeyer is a family medicine provider for HCHS providing treatment and care at the Medical Clinics in Britt and Kanawha. She also provides skin care in the HCHS MedSpa Clinic in Britt. Her board seat provides representation from the HCHS Medical Staff. HCHS Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support healthcare needs in Hancock County and surrounding areas. Hobschiedt and Rosenmeyer join current Board of Directors: DeAnna Kelly, President from Britt, Jean Baack, Vice President from Klemme, Dianne Chambers from Corwith, Esther Higdon, Secretary from Britt, Eric Newton from Britt, Karen Solien from Britt and Chip Thiedeman from Garner. Each board member serves a three year term that is renewable at the end of each term. To learn more about the HCHS Foundation and its activities, visit www.trustHCHS/ways_to_give.