Manly Approves Water Rates

It has not been seen since 20111, but the City of Manly will see increases in their water rates beginning July 1st. The base rate increases by $1  from $12.55 to $13.55. Then an additional usage rate is included. That was $2.62, but has been raised to $3 for the first 1,000 gallons used. The same increase will be applied to the 45,000 gallons used and for anything over 50,000 gallons.

In related matters, the city will be buying a backwash storage holding tank so as to stay in compliance with the regulations put forward by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The function of the tank is to hold water termed as backwash, before putting into the sewer system. A grant by the Worth County Development Corporation of nearly $78,000 is helping to pay for the tank.