Waldorf College Students to Present Projects in Student Inquirere Event

Waldorf College students will present projects at the two-day Student Inquirere event Monday, April 14, and Tuesday, April 22, in the Small Pit Classroom connected to the Atrium.

The inquirere is a set of student presentations based upon a major project that students have been working on during the current year. “For some it’s a time to present their Honors Thesis; for others, it might be a senior thesis or capstone project in their major,” said Dr. Suzanne Falck-Yi, director of honors college. Most of the presenters will have worked on this project for several months, she said.

The research done in many of these presentations goes beyond the purpose of receiving a good grade. Multiple students have presented their findings to large conferences and audiences. Alyse DeVries presented her project on “Use of Iowa Roadways by Northern Leopard Frogs when Dispersing Among Restored Wetlands” to the Iowa Chapter of the Wildlife Society at their annual conference in Ames, Iowa, in February. In March, Lauren Camp presented her research at the Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, titled, “ The Argentine Question: U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Intervention, 1941-1946.”

Research projects are not the only thing presented at this event. Theatre students will talk about their involvement in productions on campus. Kelsey Sollish will discuss “Corleone: The Shakespeare Godfather,” a play she is directing for her capstone project as a theatre major. Sydney Grey Hutchison will present on her work behind the scenes of Waldorf’s Macbeth production, for which she was nominated to attend the Kennedy Center/American Collegiate Theatre Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska, in January.

Student inquirere presentations begin at 6:00 p.m. both nights and are free to the public.

Following is the schedule of

Monday, April 14

6:00 Robert Westbrooke Searcy
(Forest City, Iowa) – “Computer and Digital Forensics: What Does it Mean to the
Criminal Justice System?”

7:00 Kelsey Marie Sollish (Forest City, Iowa) –
“Corleone: The Shakespeare Godfather”

7:30 Sydney Grey Hutchison (Dallas,
TX) – “Behind the Scenes of Macbeth”

8:00 Dominique Danielle Forte
(Skokie, Ill.) – “To Be or Not to Be“

Tuesday, April 22

Jessica Anne Godwin, (Las Vegas, NV) – “Evaluation of Pathogen Persistence on
Potential Fomites in Public Facilities”

6:30 Alyse Tiffany DeVries (Lake
Mills, Iowa) – “Use of Iowa Roadways by Northern Leopard Frogs when Dispersing
Among Restored Wetlands”

7:00 Marisa Rae Donnelly (Naperville, Ill.) –

7:30 Crystal Lynn Langford (Sacramento, Calif.) – “The
Effects of Media on Women and their Self-Esteem”

8:00 Chelsey Layne
Shreeve (Cottrellville, Mich.) – “Feminism and the Forgotten Fourth Wall: The
‘It’s All Right to be Woman’ Theatre Troupe Challenges Tradition and Promotes

8:30 Lauren Nichole Camp (Savoy, TX) – “The Argentine Question:
U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Intervention 1941-1946”