Worth County Supervisors to Discuss Rezoning Around Casino and Budget

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet today at 9am to discuss rezoning, budget matters, and developments on grant proposals. The Supervisors will first hear from Amanda Baker concerning the Wellmark/ISAC meeting which will be held prior to the Supervisors general meeting. This is a discussion on the health and employee benefits program in the county.

The Supervisors will then hear from Bob Rush, Emergency Medical Services Coordinator on the grant proposal filed by the department. The Supervisors want to hear about the progress of the proposal so far.

The County Engineer will give a report on the drainage districts, specifically the DD23 Main, the DD 21 West Main, and the DD 11 Deer Creek drainage districts. He will also discuss road maintainence and any issues since the last meeting.

After hearing from Teresa Nicholson of the Winnebago Worth Betterment Corporation or WINN-WORTH BETCO, the board will hear from Jim Rice on the progress of rezoning areas around the Diamond Joe Casino. The county is presently engaged in rezoning several tracts around the casino.

The board will then open up the floor for a public hearing on the fiscal year 2014-15 budget. Any concerned citizen of Worth County may address the Supervisors over the budget and how it was arrived at. Speakers may be limited in time at the discretion of the Supervisors and cannot use abusive or profane terms in addressing the Board. The Supervisors are obliged by law to hold the open forum before voting the budget into effect, or by public demand and the boards discretion, reworking the budget.

The board will close the meeting after hearing several reports and conducting two more public hearings. The first concerns bids for repair of the Deer Creek Drainage area and the other on the project as a whole. The bid hearing will be around 9:45am and the general hearing will commence at 10am. Both will be heard in the Magistrate Room of the Worth County Courthouse.