Northwood Won’t Chicken Out on Fowl Law

The Northwood City Council refuses to give in on a city ordinance against raising chickens within city limits. For the second time, a Northwood resident approached the council on the ordinance saying that there was a loop hole in the law that allowed him to raise the feathered farm fowl within the city. The council reviewed the matter with the city attorney to see if the loop hole proved correct. The council then tabled the matter until their next meeting last week when once again, the subject was broached by the resident.

The council deliberated with the fowl owner on not only whether the ordinance did contain a loop hole, or even if it applied to him. After a sometimes heated discussion, the council moved to not allow the exception and by a vote of 4-0, the resident was barred from raising the chickens within city limits.

After the vote, the resident was heard saying he will continue to fight to have the poultry on his land.