Forest City Council Meets to Discuss Stray Dogs Issue

The City Council of Forest City will meet tonight to go over the approval of various invoices, licenses and permits. They will also have an open forum where the public can make comments on topics of city business other than those that will be addressed by the city which will open the meeting. The mayor can limit each speaker to five minutes if necessary.

The council will then hear a presentation by John Roisen on the 2013 Bear Creek Golf Course followed by Councilmmber Suzanne Murphy discussing a pending resignation. Then attention will turn to a resolution before the council regarding pyrotechnics regulations as far as what is and is not banned, and what requires a permit.

Allison Craft will then speak to the council and make a proposal to shelter stray dogs picked up in Forest City. Area residents have noticed a few dogs wandering about and have had the city take care of the problem. Discussion on leashes and licenses will probably also be brought up.

The council and mayor discussed in a first reading in their last meeting the position of City Clerk/Administrator to Forest City. The issue will be redressed in this meeting too with the council making a decision onwhether to move forward in the hiring process. This will be followed by the council passing or denying a resolution granting permission to the North Iowa Touring Club on street use. The club wants to use portions of the city streets from 7am to 7pm on Saturday, July 12th as stations and walkabouts during a family fun night.

The council will close the meeting by hearing two seperate reports. The first will be about the Forest City Economic Development and its progress. The second will deal with the project known as Grow Forest City.

The City Cuncil meeting is schedule for 7pm in the City Council Chambers of Forest City Hall.