Ventura School Board to Meet on Teacher Association Contracts

The Ventura School Board of Education will hold a regular meeting at the junior high Media Center at 8:30pm tonight. The meeting will open with a general forum where residents of Ventura will have the chance to address the board on issues that effect them.

The board will then hear administrative reports and Superintendent Williams will address the board concerning issues facing the district. The board will then take up old business regarding district policies.

The board will then turn its attention to an initial contract proposal put forward to the Ventura Teacher Association. The contract offering will see its first reading by the board in this session and is expected to pass onto a second reading without opposition.

The board will look into class time hours for the 2014-15 calendar year. That will be followed by other new business such as personnel matters, open enrollment, and first readings of new district policies. They will also set dates for the School Improvement Advisory Committee to meet and a date for the Public Hearing on the 2015 School Budget.

The final matter will be to organize and set dates for the spring community reorganization vote with Garner-Hayfield Community School District