Demons Get Bronco Busted

The Belmond-Klemme Broncos are on the road to the semi-finals. The Lamoni Demons came into the game undefeated having soared through their regular season schedule 21-0 then tacking on four more wins in the playoffs to get to the quarterfinals. The Demons were ranked 1st in the state at Class 1A  and many figured they were a shoe in to the state title.

Then they ran into Belmond-Klemme. On paper, this game looked like the Demons would have a challenge, but would come through with the scoring artillery they had at their disposal. The Demons Jeremy Deemer had 658 points on the season in scoring alone while Tim Brunner had 428. However, the Broncos came into the game with a mentality of never quitting or letting up even if they were behind.

The game started at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines with the Broncos taking an early lead of 4-2, but after a pair of turnovers and some missed shots, the Broncos found themselves down by ten at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter saw them fall further behind until Cory Sander and Elijah Kinseth got to work on the defensive boards. That gave the offense enough spark to pull within 3 by halftime.

Caleb Heltenberg of the Demons sank a couple of early third quarter buckets to try and stretch the lead, but the momentum was shifting in favor of the Broncos. Court Christianson found some nice looks and made some quality shots, while Elijah Kinseth worked hard to clear the glass underneath. By the end of the third quarter, the Broncos had fought their way back and entered the final frame ahead by three.

The Demons tried to regain momentum in the fourth but just could not find the stay ahead basket. At one point the Broncos led by seven, but a three pointer and another underneath and the Demons were within two. The Broncos stayed in the ball control mode and were able to wear down the clock until nearly two minutes left when the Demons tied the game. The Broncos inbounded the ball and the Demons fouled the Broncos Caleb Torkelson with the game tied at 55, Torkelson went 1 for 2 from the line. That left :13 seconds on the clock. The Demons got the ball down and tried a short range shot that banked off the iron and off the hands of the Demons on the right corner out of bounds. With one second left on the game clock, the Broncos inbounded to Torkelson who hung on to the ball for the win 56-55.

Caleb Torkelson and Elijah Kinseth each had 13 points, Korby Sander had 6 points, Colin Lane had 9, and Logan Erickson had 8 points in the cause for the Broncos who now are 23-3 on the season. Lamoni finishes the year at 25-1.

The Broncos now advance to the semi-finals and are now one of the four best teams in the state at Class 1A. It was a night of upsets at the Wells Fargo Arena as the 2nd ranked team in the division also was upset.