Hawkeye Food Bank Looking to Move

Every month the Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank serves up to 1,800 families and people in need in Cerro Gordo County. The work is done by nearly 75 volunteers. Now they have begun to look for a new location. According to a statement, they need to allow for growth and better ability to accommodate the need in the county.

Currently the organization is in the Mohawk Square in the alley behind the former YMCA building in downtown Mason City. Officials say that now the organization operates out of a 900 foot square space. Now they have to find even more space to better assist those in need Because of the high demand. Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank has been in the building since 1982.

The food bank provides food, bar soap and toilet paper to clients who are eligible after meeting certain requirements. Officials say the demand is growing and so they have to move to better serve their customers