President’s Budget is March to Madness According to Senator Charles Grassley


Senator Charles Grassley wrote KIOW News concerning his comments on the Presidents budget proposal. He also filed a video address to the effect. The video is on this web link:

Senator Grassley wrote his opinion on the budget proposal:

This week the President’s budget proposal arrived on Capitol Hill.  This proposal is a fresh pitch for more federal spending and would add another $8 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years.  The reality is that Washington can’t tax, spend, borrow and regulate our way to prosperity.  The last five years have emphasized that reality.
Washington needs to let go of the idea that Washington knows best.  The real drivers of economic growth are job creators up and down Main Street.  The less time they have to spend on meeting too many regulations from Obamacare and the EPA, the more they can focus on building their business, raising wages, and hiring more workers.
It’s important for Congress and the public to vet the tax and spending details of the federal budget.  What the President is selling as economic fixes may bear negative side effects.  These proposals won’t work to drive the creation of good-paying jobs that will lift the standard of living for people working hard to make ends meet.
I’m not about to join the march to madness that allows America to tax, spend and borrow on the backs of generations yet to come.  I’m focused on holding the line on unbridled federal spending and regulatory overreach – changing the mindset that Washington knows best.