Britt Trailer Court Debris Nearly Removed

With the eventual goal of replacing the trailer court with other prospective concepts, the West Hancock Community School District has voted to clear the remaining debris from an old trailer court in Britt. The school district bought the property last year and began moving and demolishing the trailers on the court. However, some of the debris remains. The court was purchased from Powerhouse LLC.

The school district accepted two bids from separate salvage companies to remove the trailers and debris. The project began in December as asbestos from the trailers was carefully removed and disposed of. Then the 10 trailers on the property were demolished and much of the debris was removed into dumpsters provided by the school district. Landfill costs were also covered by the West Hancock Community School District.

Now an additional $3,100 is needed to remove the remaining materials and add landfill to the property. Snow and weather are playing a major part in hampering of the clean-up, but officials are confident that area will be cleaned up and ready very soon.