Trash Pickup Still on in Forest City, Recycling Not

With the impending storm moving into the area, officials at Forest City’s City Hall are preparing for the worst. City officials will look to invoke the standard “No parking on city streets” ordinance¬†during the storm so that crews can continue to clear the main streets effectively. Residential and side streets will also be serviced, however not as frequently as roads used more frequently.

With the city down to 200 tons of salt for the rest of the year, crews are busily mixing in sand to try and stretch the supply out as far as possible. Barney Rueter of the Streets and Sanitation Department said that they will not apply the salt if the temperatures will not allow for the salt to do its job in melting the snow and ice. When the weather warms, the crews will then salt where needed.

City Hall has said that they are not aware of any freezing pipes or water lines in the city limits, so residents for the moment do not need to run water overnight to prevent freezing.

Rueter did say that there is a change as far as trash pick-up and recycling is concerned tomorrow:


Trash, however, will still be picked on Thursday according to Rueter