Mason City Water Lines Beginning to Freeze

The Mason City Public Works Department is receiving a number of calls from area residents claiming their water lines have frozen or the water coming out of the lines is very cold. Area local public works and water departments in cities such as Britt have asked residents to trickle their water as a precaution.


Normal water temperatures from the tap should range between 45 to 58 degrees. If the water is measures as being cooler than that, it is probably due to frost reaching farther down into the ground and beginning to chill the lines. Officials are concerned that the temperature in the area does not look like it will let up in the next week or so. This could cause bursting water pipe mains which was very prevalent in the area in mid January.

Water Department officials encourage everyone to run the water in their home for about a minute to create movement in the pipes and prevent freezing. All residents are encouraged to check their lines daily and if possible, trickle the lines at night when temperatures are at their coldest. This is especially true if residents will not be home overnight or are traveling away from home.

Officials also encourage residents to report any problems that they may have with their lines as soon as possible.