City Council in Forest City to Meet Tonight

The City Council and Mayor Rick Skjeie will meet tonight to discuss several issues before the city. The first will be to review and potentially pass the Resolution 28E agreement between the City of Forest City and the Landfill of North Iowa. The agreement has already been read twice before the council and has met with approval both times.

What will undergo a second reading will be the Ordinance #739 which calls for a 5% water rate hike. The city has not met with opposition on the subject and notes that the hike is needed to match costs associated with the need for supply of water to area residents.

The city will also look into taking necessary actions over sanitary sewer lining of the sewer for the high school. The project would cost the city an estimated $11,408.

Finally, the city will look at approving the 2013 tax abatements.

The meeting will take place at the City Hall Council Chambers beginning at 7:00pm. The public is invited at the beginning of the meeting to make any opinions know to the council regarding any matter before the body.