Forest City Council Approves Rate Changes

The City Council of the City of Forest City met Monday to discuss a number of issues. Councilmember Ron Holland updated the Council regarding a contract amendment to the wholesale power agreement with Dairyland Power Coop that was dated effective January 1, 2012. Holland reported that the City was able to negotiate a 5 percent decrease, which is a savings of 2 percent from the original 7 percent overall increase. The Council asked City Attorney Bakke to review the agreement. City Attorney Bakke reported that the agreement with Dairyland and UMMPA for the amendment to the wholesale power agreement looked fine, so the city council approved the measure.

The council approved Brian Voss to the Park Board Commission to replace Tony Mikes, who was elected to the City Council.

Street Superintendent Byron Ruiter and City Attorney Bakke reported that the City would now be able to burn brush and tree limbs at the yard waste facility, rather than having to chip themup. The City needs to submit certain documents and get approval from CDI, which will then be filed at the Courthouse.

The Mayor and Council discussed proposed Ordinance No. 739, which calls for a 5 percent increase in water rates. After discussion, the Council approved the first reading of the measure.The second reading of Ordinance No. 739 will be at the February 3, 2014, Council meeting.