Iowa Corn Promotion Board and Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Announce Research Cooperation

The Iowa Corn Promotion Board 2

The Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) and The Donald Danforth Plant Science
Center (Danforth Center), in St. Louis, Missouri, have announced a formal
research cooperation to explore opportunities for innovation in nutrient
utilization for Iowa’s corn farmers. The research cooperation has a goal of
developing traits that will be used to improve farmer productivity and manage
nutrients responsibly, which ICPB has identified as a priority area for

The Iowa Corn Promotion Board

“We are very pleased to partner with the Danforth Center. We
are confident this cooperation will further strengthen the role of corn as the
major US crop in a way that is environmentally sustainable,” said Rodney
Williamson, Director of Research and Business Development of ICPB. “Corn growers
have a proven track record of impressive productivity gains from utilizing new
technologies and research through this cooperation has the potential to
contribute to future corn production success.”

This is a partnership which offers reciprocal benefits. ICPB intends to commercialize results
benefiting corn farmers while sharing technologies with the Danforth Center to
support their efforts to improve the productivity and nutritional value of food
security crops and to advance delivery to underserved regions of the

Paul Anderson, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for International
Crop Improvement at the Danforth Center, added “We are grateful for this
opportunity to participate in corn improvement research for the benefit of
Iowa’s farmers, as well as to be able to leverage technology for
humanitarian-based improvement of orphan food security crops in African