Increased Police Patrols Tonight


If you are planning to go to a social gathering or party to ring in the New Year, be mindful that area police and county sheriff departments are planning to increase patrols and police presence. The timing of the increased presence is a part of the enforcement of drunken driving on the a night when intoxicated driving is at its highest.

The laws on Iowa books aren’t much friendlier as costs can top over $10,000, 6 month suspensions on an intoxicated driver’s license, a year in jail and ignition interlock which requires the driver to breathe into a machine to determine the blood alcohol content. If it is over .08%, the engine is locked and cannot be started.

Iowa State Patrol officials we spoke with said patrols are already on the increase thanks in part to the weather, but with those conditions in place and intoxicated driver issues possible tonight, it could make for very hazardous conditions on the road.